Violence wherever it is happening must be stopped

The Blackburn with Darwen Interfaith Forum calls on all Governments to do all they can to promote and use peaceful ways of resolving issues.

This urgent call comes in the knowledge that there are many continuing instances of violence happening at this moment in our world that affect people of all Faiths as well as those who don’t follow a Faith.

All Faiths advocate and promote Peace.

Blackburn with Darwen Interfaith Forum, which has members from all the 6 major world Faiths(Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism) and works to build Faith filled peaceful and cooperative community relationships, urgently calls for every effort to be made to stop violence and for calm, peaceful and just ways to be found, and used, to resolve issues at all times.

Violence, or the threat of violence, is never acceptable in any circumstance, anywhere in world.

Blackburn with Darwen Interfaith Forum, 12th March 2020